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Pathos and Mara olive oils and vinegarsOLIVES AND ANTIPASTI

The olive is a unique fruit, bursting with sun and very old; its properties are numerous and beneficial to our health. With a high content of mono-unsaturated fat and beneficial components such as vitamin E, polyphenols, oligo-elements and fibers, olives can contribute positively to people’s health. It is also very good for difficult digestion and good against bad cholesterol. But most important, the olive is an antioxidant, a virtue which helps us to remain young and healthy. So, let’s eat some!

Pathos antipasti come from the Italian leader in the olives & vegetable antipasti market; and all their products are free of genetically modified organism.

We offer a wide selection of quality table olives & delightful antipasti; a blend of delicate textures and aromatic perfumes for a refined appetizer, original culinary cooking or simply to bite for the pleasure!


Pathos pur green Spanish extra virgin olive oil


“Pathos olives come from Peloponnisos, a fertile land in the region of Kalamata - Greece. Our olives are handpicked, cured in traditional ways, such as oak barrel curing. The black olives are picked at maturity and treated in brine, while the green olives are picked before they reach maturity and are more elongated, with a prominent tip at the bottom.

They have the absolute minimum salt by Law (3% minimum salt needed for imports to UK). Pathos Greek olives are available in 3.2kg Net Weight tub:

• Green & black olives colossal, jumbo, pitted or whole
• Stuffed with Real pimiento; almonds; garlic; feta cheese; sun dried tomato
• Marinated with Bayleaf/lemon/peppers; chili/garlic/oregano; lemon juice & herbs; chili & pepper; mushrooms, peppers & garlic
• Kalamata & green olives whole or pitted, marinated

Pathos pur green Spanish extra virgin olive oil


Pathos Spanish olives are produced by one of the largest producers of olives in the south of Spain. They are preserved in brine and have an aromatic and firm skin. They are ideal for pizzas, tapas, cooked dishes or simply by themselves.

• Black pitted / whole / sliced olives – 4kg tin
• Green pitted / whole / sliced olives – 4kg tin


Pathos pur green Spanish extra virgin olive oilPATHOS ITALIAN OLIVES

Pathos delicious Italian olives in brine; they have rounded shape & an intense green color. The dense & soft pulp provides a fruity & soft flavour. Available in 2.35kg Net Weight tub.

• Nocellara green olives originate from Trapani in Sicily

Pathos pur green Spanish extra virgin olive oilPATHOS ITALIAN ANTIPASTI

Antipasto (plural antipasti), means "before the meal" and is the traditional first course of a formal Italian meal. Antipasti vary considerably from place to place in Italy, Greece and Spain, but they will often include a selection of vegetables and are usually topped off with olive oil. In between tapas, nibbles and starters, the antipasti represent a Mediterranean speciality. They represent a pleasant and friendly way of eating plenty of vegetables.

Pathos Antipasti is a premium range, which can be served as a snack, alongside salads or with cooked dishes. Our selection will awaken your taste palate and your senses! Available in 2.35kg PET tub:

• Grilled artichokes in oil
• Grilled aubergines in oil
• Grilled Italian Zucchini in oil

Pathos Italian tomatoes are soft and have a delicate taste. Ideal for aperitif or cooking preparations:

• Sun-dried tomatoes in oil & herbs
• Semi-dried tomatoes in oil


Many other formats & sizes are available on request; please enquire at:

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