Tinned Fruits

Fruits are important for a healthy diet as they provide many vitamins, minerals, plant nutrients and fewer calories.

Tinned Fruits are a store cupboard staple for a reason – they’re convenient, budget-friendly, full of flavour, versatile and have a long shelf life – they are tinned close to where they are picked in order to help preserve their freshness and nutrients as much as possible. They are as nutritious as fresh fruits, but a small amount of vitamins and minerals may be lost in the tinning process.

How to use tinned fruits?

They are used to bake many dessert recipes like pudding, crumbles, tarts and many others, as well as to make smoothies, oatmeal, jam or just on their own as a fruit salad. You can also use them with some main savoury dishes, salads and meats – some meats go really well with peach or pineapple – and of course as a topping; our pineapple tidbits are ideal for fajitas and pizza.

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