Tinned Vegetables

Vegetables are important for a healthy diet as they provide many vitamins, minerals, plant nutrients, contain few calories and are also full of flavour. Tinned Vegatables are a store cupboard staple for a reason – they’re convenient and versatile.

Canned Vegetables are tinned close to where they are picked in order to help preserve their freshness and nutrients as much as possible. They are as nutritious as fresh vegetables, but a small amount of vitamins and minerals may be lost in the tinning process. On the other side, they have along shelf life, great value for money and ideal to prepare nutritious, quick dishes.

How to use tinned Vegetables?

There are a lot of different canned food recipes you can make such as chilli’s, curry’s, soups, casserole dishes, falafel burgers, Mediterranean & North African dishes like paella rice or Cantonese rice, moussaka, stew, couscous, as well as also poke ball foods, salads, pies, pizza & sandwiches.

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