Halloumi Cheese Block PDO 6 x 850g v.pack ALAMBRA – HAL011

Halloumi Cheese Block Cypriot PDO (6x850g)

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ALAMBRA Halloumi Cheese Block from Cyprus is a PDO grilling cheese made from sheep, goat and cow’s milk.  It can be served grilled, fried or grated as it is a non melting full fat cheese. It is ideal for grilling and barbecuing.

Available in 6 x 850g v.pack

Additional information

Product Type


Pack Size

6 x 850g v.pack – Pallet Quantity: 168 – 14 cases x 12 layers – EU Pallet


Sheep, goat, cow milk, salt, Microbial rennet (non-animal), Mint


NO GMO ; Vegetarian


YES – milk


BRC / IFS Certification or Equivalent.

Shelf life

12 months from production date. Keep refrigerated, once opened for 3 daysmax.

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Storage Instructions

Refrigerated product. Storage temperature between +2-6°C